‘Cybersecurity is key’, Orange Jordan tells digital Conference

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(Photo: Orange Jordan)
Press Release Cybersecurity is important in the era of digital communication and building trust between organizations and their customers, Orange Jordan said in a statement.اضافة اعلان

The comment by Orange Jordan Security Governance and Digitalization Director Abeer Assad was made in the second ISACA Amman Chapter Annual Conference, entitled “Digital Trust, The Future Digital Organizations: Agile, Secure and Trusted”.

According to the statement, made available to Jordan News on Tuesday, the October 5–6 meeting was held in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Center at Kempinski Ishtar Hotel in the Dead Sea.

The conference tackled several topics of building digital trust in corporations and institutions, as well as the most prominent cyber challenges and ways to deal with them, according to the statement.

The conference brought together more than 300 participants from local and international cybersecurity and information technology experts, leading companies in digital transformation and cybersecurity, and representatives from the board of directors of the global US-based association, ISACA.

During a session on women’s participation in information technology held under the SHELeadsTech initiative, Assad asserted the need for “technology security, and its responsible use in building trust within the organization or with customers, especially amid growing reliance on digital communications, data, and innovative technologies”.

Assad also stressed the importance of collective efforts of all stakeholders, including users and the public and private sectors, to achieve tech security.

Orange Jordan places cybersecurity as one of its priorities to build digital trust on all levels, starting from the inside, by maintaining transparency, responsibility, awareness of cyber risks, data protection, and strengthening our systems,” she said. She said as her firm prepares to launch the 5G technology, “we realize the potential of this technology and anticipate cybersecurity issues that may arise”.

“Responsibility and reliability are not easy, but as a responsible digital leader, Orange is committed to this role,” Assad added.

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