Bustami & Saheb: Nissan's Exclusive Dealer in Jordan - Wins the "Defy Ordinary" Award

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Bustami & Saheb: Nissan's Exclusive Dealer in Jordan - Wins the "Defy Ordinary" Award

Bustami & Saheb Group (BSG), the exclusive dealer for Nissan and INFINITI in Jordan, has added another remarkable achievement to its long list of accolades. The group has won first place in the " Defy Ordinary" award for its outstanding efforts in launching Storm X, the pioneering mobile weather monitoring station in Jordan and the Middle East. Integrated seamlessly into the powerful Nissan X-Trail, Storm X boasts cutting-edge technologies and specialized equipment, setting a new standard in weather monitoring and automotive innovation.اضافة اعلان

The significance of the "Defy Ordinary" award extends beyond mere recognition; it underscores the dedication and ingenuity of the entire Nissan Jordan team. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and a forward-thinking approach to technology have propelled them to the forefront of the automotive industry.

Engineer Ekrimeh Mahasneh, CEO of Bustami & Saheb Group, the exclusive dealer for Nissan in Jordan, lauded the team's achievement, acknowledging their tireless efforts and unwavering dedication. In his statement, he appreciated the work of Bustami & Saheb’s team, commending their creativity and diligence that paved the way for this remarkable achievement. Eng. Mahasneh added that the group's journey continues to accomplish achievements and investment expansion, and to provide the latest technologies to its customers in the Kingdom, which comes through sound strategic plans, adopting the most effective approach in terms of operations, marketing, and even technology.

Abdulilah Wazni, Director of Marketing, Brand and Customer Experience for Nissan in the Middle East, said: "It is an honor to present the 'Defy Ordinary' award to Bustami & Saheb Group in recognition of their exceptional creativity, strategic thinking, and impactful execution of the Storm X project. Showcasing the Nissan X-Trail as a true adventure-ready, versatile crossover, the Storm X is a remarkable achievement that highlights the team’s ingenuity and commitment to innovation that excites. This accomplishment not only sets a new standard in automotive and weather monitoring technology but also acknowledges the BSG’s efforts to truly defy the ordinary.”

The "Defy Ordinary" award recognizes entities that embrace unconventional ideas and embody a forward-looking vision. Bustami & Saheb Group exemplifies this ethos through the groundbreaking launch of Storm X, addressing the region's need for advanced weather monitoring solutions while reinforcing Nissan's brand identity as a pioneer in defying conventions.

Storm X represents more than just technological innovation; it signifies a commitment to addressing real-world challenges through creativity and ingenuity. Enhancing Nissan's role in the technology sector underscores the Group's position as a trailblazer in redefining industry standards.

As Bustami & Saheb Group continues to forge ahead, their unwavering commitment to innovation promises to shape the future of automotive technology, delivering unparalleled value that will always be offered for customers to enjoy across the kingdom and beyond.

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