Ammari reelected chairman of Jordan Telecom/Orange Jordan Board

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(Photo: Orange Jordan)
Press Release — The general assembly of Jordan Telecom/Orange Jordan, elected a new board of directors comprising seven members for the next four years, during an extraordinary meeting held on October 26 through AGMPRO technology, Orange Jordan said in a press statement.اضافة اعلان

The meeting was attended by 84,98 percent of the shareholders, the representative of the Companies General Controller, auditors, and the legal consultant.

The government’s strategic partner, the Joint Investment Telecommunications Co., nominated Shabib Farah Ammari to be the chairman of the board of directors, and he was unanimously elected for the next legal term.

Brig. Gen. Haitham Baker, representing the Government of Jordan/Jordanian Armed Forces, Bisher Jardaneh and Abdallah Abu Jamous, representing the Social Security Corporation, and Mireille El Helou, Dorothée Vignalou and Brolot Ba, representing the Joint Investment Telecommunications Co., were elected as the new board members.

During the general assembly’s meeting, Chairman of the Board of Jordan Telecommunications/Orange Jordan Shabib Ammari, thanked the previous board members for the company’s achievements, noting that the company witnessed growth in operations and profits.

Another achievement, Ammari said, was obtaining the 5G license, as Orange Jordan has already begun procedures for building the necessary network, utilizing the latest technology, in addition to expanding its internet networks, especially fiber.

Ammari said that the company carried out JD1.4 billion worth of investments over the years to develop and expand its networks to ensure high-quality services, and to reach the largest number of people across the Kingdom.

Speaking of the new board, Ammari affirmed keenness to support the executive management, adhere to the laws, the council’s bylaw, and the concepts of transparency and good governance.

He also highlighted the company’s leading role in spreading internet culture, and his belief that Orange Jordan remains the Kingdom’s partner in digital transformation, and in supporting training efforts for employment through the company’s corporate social responsibility programs.

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