8 commercial sectors agree to set fixed closing hours

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AMMAN — Representatives from four new business sectors reached a consensus during a brainstorming session organized by the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC). They discussed the necessity of defining business closing hours in Amman throughout the year, with no restrictions on opening hours. These representatives agreed to establish working hours for eight important commercial sectors, Jo24 News reported.اضافة اعلان

The majority of attendees emphasized that regulating business hours would have a positive impact on the social lives of employers and employees alike. They pointed out that defining working hours also had positive economic effects and would reduce operational costs for businesses.

According to a statement from the Chamber, the attendees agreed not to set specific opening hours for the morning period, considering the unique nature of each business sector and its connection to the needs of citizens and employees in the public and private sectors.

They also stressed the importance of enforcing the decision uniformly across all businesses, with no exceptions. Additionally, they discussed the possibility of having a day in the week when traders can decide their opening and closing hours without restrictions.

The study recommended the issuance of regulations to define the opening and closing hours of businesses in the capital city, taking into account the interests and requirements of each sector.

The participants stressed the importance of conducting an electronic survey involving all members of the General Council of the trade unions after the conclusion of the dialogue sessions. Representatives from various business sectors and trade union leaders will participate in formulating questions for the survey, taking into account the weight and uniqueness of each sector.

The study, conducted by the Chamber's Policy and Studies Department, surveyed the opinions of 3,000 business owners in 18 professions and sectors to determine the working hours of establishments in 19 geographical areas within the boundaries of the capital.

Some reservations
A few attendees expressed reservations about defining opening and closing hours for businesses due to the citizens' low purchasing power and the consumer behavior that has become accustomed to shopping freely without time constraints. They pointed out that commercial activity in some businesses and specific geographical areas is active only during nighttime hours.

Present participants
The attendees at the session included representatives from the clothing, footwear, fabrics, and jewelry sectors, as well as the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and accessories sectors in the Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

Additionally, leaders of trade unions in the clothing, fabrics, and footwear sectors, as well as store owners in jewelry and accessories businesses, cosmetic materials traders, toy traders, and several members of the General Council of these unions were present.

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