50% of Jordan imports are subject to 0% customs tax — Ississ

(Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)

AMMAN — Minister of Finance Mohammad Ississ said Sunday that 50 percent of Jordan’s imports are subject to a 0 percent customs tax, and 43 percent is subject to a customs tax of 5 percent, which means that 93 percent of imports are subject to 5 percent or less tax, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

During the discussion at the Lower House Economic and Investment Committee of proposed amendments to the General Tax on Sales Act of 2021, Ississ said that the bill does not include any rise in taxes.

He noted that the bill aims at two things; “the modification of tax delivery techniques to match global practices and the reduction of the tax refund period.”

The Director-General of the Income and Sales Tax Department, Hossam Abu Ali, said during the meeting, that “for years, the economic sectors have been complaining about the tax law and sales tax returns,” noting that “coordination was taken with all economic sectors before the draft law was drafted and presented to Parliament, and consensus was reached. It fits everyone.”

He explained that “the amendment is reformist, and it came with the aim of meeting the demands of the economic sectors without including increases in the tax rate or imposing a tax on exempt goods.”

Abu Ali pointed out that “the law deals with the delay in sales tax refunds so that they are reimbursed from the same tax that is received instead of allocating provisions for it.”

“Among the amendments to the draft law is to address the issue of refunds and reduce the period for their return from six months to three months, as well as achieving tax justice between taxpayers, and canceling the issue of civil compensation in the event the taxpayer resorts to non-tax evasion cases,” he added.

The draft law aims to contribute to reducing tax evasion and evasion by closing the loopholes that some taxpayers may resort to, Abu Ali said.

The head of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment Committee, Khair Abu Sailek, said that the draft law amending the General Sales Tax Law for the year 2021 “will not include raising any of the tax rates.”

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