5-year strategic plan for entrepreneurship in the pipeline

(Photo: Jordan News)

Amman — The government, in cooperation and coordination with pertinent authorities from the public and private sectors, is preparing a national strategic plan for entrepreneurship for the next five years, according to ammonnews.اضافة اعلان

To that end, the government will set up measurable performance indicators that include the number of upgraded jobs, the amount of capital allocated to entrepreneurs, revenues generated, the number of registered new companies, and the participation rate of women and vulnerable groups in entrepreneurial projects.

The plan comes within the framework of the general policy for entrepreneurship, approved by the government in November. Based on it, the government will form a national council for entrepreneurship headed by the minister of digital economy and entrepreneurship; its members will consist of experts and specialists from the public and private sectors and civil society organizations.

Of the council members, 70 percent will be representatives of the private sector and civil society organizations, and 30 percent will represent the public sector.

The council will undertake several tasks, including reviewing and updating the public policy for entrepreneurship and the national strategic plan as needed, evaluating the progress made in implementing the national strategic plan, monitoring key performance indicators, and taking corrective action when needed.

It will also evaluate policies, review and analyze all legislation related to entrepreneurship, make recommendations for amendments, in line with the Kingdom’s objectives of economic development, propose solutions and measures needed to stimulate enterprises, identify challenges and remove obstacles facing companies and investors.

An office for the management of entrepreneurial projects will be established at the ministry, linked to the minister and carrying out several tasks, most importantly following up on the implementation of projects within the framework of the general entrepreneurship policy and the national strategic plan, in cooperation with all concerned authorities.

The office will also be in touch with donor organizations to obtain fund the projects, and will hold regular meetings with partners and other parties to monitor progress, and follow up on local and international entrepreneurship indicators to ensure sustainable progress and improve Jordan's position in the field.

The government directs the ministry to complete the establishment of the “National Entrepreneurship Platform”, in cooperation and coordination with all pertinent parties, including the Jordan Entrepreneurship Fund, and keep channels of communication with actors in the entrepreneurship system open.
Through the general policy for entrepreneurship, the government will take the measures and procedures needed to facilitate entrepreneurs’ access to local, regional and global markets, and promote local entrepreneurs, helping Jordanian startups build a solid reputation.

The government directs the ministry, through the Youth, Technology and Jobs Program and other similar programs, to continue working to facilitate entrepreneurs’ access to local, regional and global markets, and support local entrepreneurs’ business development plans in foreign markets, as well as to ensure companies’ compatibility through intermediary parties from the private sector.

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