No plans to subsidize ride-share drivers

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AMMAN — Director-General of the Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) Tariq Habashneh was quoted on Saturday by Al-Mamlaka TV as saying that there will be no direct support for drivers of ride-share applications, stressing that presently the priority is for service (white) and yellow taxis.اضافة اعلان

The LTRC’s board of directors approved on Saturday the mechanism for direct government subsidy for public transportation and submitted it to the Parliament.

According to Habashneh, "it is possible to reconsider the decision of not offering subsidy to ride-share drivers in the future.”

The government’s support is meant to counter the high cost of fuel prices on the transport sector, and reduce the burden of operating costs, thus sparing citizens this extra burden.

Habashneh said that "the value of the subsidy is commensurate with the operational costs of each type of public transportation means”, and it will be announced as soon as Parliament approves it.

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