Middle East’s biggest aircraft maintenance company

Joramco, the biggest aircraft maintenance company in the Middle East, recently gave a press tour at its facility in Queen Alia National Airport. (Photo: Handout)
AMMAN — “We invested heavily. We invested in people, we invested in equipment, and in being able to maintain an aircraft like (the) Boeing 787, which is an aircraft that we have never done before.” Joramco’s chief commercial officer, Fraser Currie, told Jordan News.اضافة اعلان

Joramco, a prominent aircraft maintenance company, was able to double their revenues in only three years. Owned by Dubai Aerospace Enterprise, Joramco started independently functioning in 2000 and is now serving a “very wide” base of clients, according to the company’s literature. 

Located in Queen Alia National Airport, Joramco has 1,000 technical hands working on field, and enough space to receive airplanes of all sizes. The company aspires to increase their number of workers, and expand their businesses more in the future.

 “We are extremely proud of the work we do here at Joramco and strongly believe in the importance of creating awareness about a sector that is not very well known to most citizens,” CCO Currie stated. “By hosting these tours, we’re giving the media and by extension, our community, a rare insight behind the scenes of our industry and the truly incredible work that happens at our facilities. It is also a great opportunity to increase awareness towards the vast number of international airlines that choose Joramco as their trusted partner for aircraft maintenance.” 

The company features hangars, a technical concerns section, a runway, and a warehouse, as well as other components that work together to “deliver their best services to aviation companies, in the most reasonable prices and shortest amount of time.” The company serves a wide range of customers in the Middle East, Europe, South Asia, Africa, Russia, and the former Soviet countries, offering services on several aircraft models from the Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer fleets. 

The company has reached 15 national flagship carriers so far and managed to double revenues from $40 million to $80 million in a matter of 3 years.  Unlike many other companies, it did not let the pandemic stand in its way.

Instead, they took advantage of the situation by developing a parking business for aircrafts. Today, 35 aircraft are parked on their 67,000sq.m runway. The Maintenance Repair and Operations department also supports other economic aspects and contributes additional value. “Today we have probably 50 representatives on sight from the airlines,” Currie said, “All those people now live in Amman. They are all taking hotel rooms. So on an annual basis we have thousands and thousands of nights in hotels.” 

As part of its strategy to expand their business, the company established the Joramco Academy in 2007 in association with Air Service Training of Perth, Scotland. It is the only academy in Jordan that provides field training and it neighbors the umbrella company in location. 

Students who graduate from this academy after accomplishing four years of both theoretical and practical training are provided with an engineering license. Although the academy has only 115 students and 13 teachers today, they plan to increase these numbers in the future and encourage more females to attend and be introduced to the field. 

Joramco is now certified by a number of international regulatory authorities including the European Aviation Safety Agency, the US Federal Aviation Administration, and the Jordan’s Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.