one-month timespan to UNRWA to respond to the workers' demands

UNRWA Jordan _ Alghad
(photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— The general conference of the workers union at UNRWA on Wednesday gave the relief agency administration a 21-day duration to respond to the workers’ demands as of the start of next month, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

During an urgent meeting, the workers union decided to send a letter to the secretary-general of the UNRWA to highlight the escalated measures they will take to hold the relief agency accountable for labor disputes and unstable conditions among workers.

According to a statement by the general conference, they also decided to communicate with representatives of the Palestinian affairs and refugees departments in hosting countries to inform them of the challenges the refugees and staff encounter at UNRWA.

The general conference indicated that all unions at the agency are disappointed by the relationship among the UNRWA’s administration members and the bonding between the agency’s representatives and their employees, pointing out that the administration puts pressures on employees and refugees, deprive them of their rights, and deduct their wages and salaries.

The UNRWA uses “financial crisis” as the main excuse to practice those pressures on the employees, according to the statement.

The general conference also requested that the administration cancel the special unpaid leave, which is used to spare up the salaries of 28,000 employees, leaving them unpaid.

This would also leave half a million students in the streets and staggers the hosting country’s stability.

The conference stressed that the salaries due in November and December are considered red lines, which cannot be given in parts or delayed, adding that the annual raise is a  given right. Employees stated that they would refer to the Dispute Tribunal to demand these salaries. 

They also requested that all employees have permanent contracts, in addition to putting an end to jobs elimination and the cancelation of austerity to preserve the humanitarian target of the agency until all refugees can safely get back to their homes.

The meeting also stressed that the agency must implement what was previously agreed upon regarding the saving fund and employment termination compensation without any deference or delay.

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