Zakat Fund repays JD65,000 for 101 beneficiaries, launches new initiative

zakat fund
(Photo: Zakat Fund)
AMMAN — The General Manager of the Zakat Fund, Dr. Abdul Samirat, made a significant announcement today regarding the initiation of debt repayment for 101 debtors. The total amount to be settled is estimated at JD65,000. اضافة اعلان

He emphasized the importance of this initiative and revealed that the Zakat Fund has been actively coordinating with the relevant courts and executive management to remove the financial burdens faced by the debtors, Hala News reported.

This recent batch, aimed at alleviating the debts of the beneficiaries, was launched by the Board of Directors of the Zakat Fund during their meeting held on Wednesday.

A new initiative
Furthermore, Dr. Samirat highlighted the continuous efforts of the Zakat Fund in implementing the groundbreaking "Jordan of Chivalry for Debtors" initiative. This initiative, launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II at the beginning of 2019, aims to support individuals burdened by debt. Whenever the names of debtors become available, obtained from relevant authorities, the Zakat Fund ensures that these individuals meet the necessary conditions and criteria set by the fund.

Over the years, the Zakat Fund has managed to settle the debts of a remarkable 8,000 debtors, totaling an amount exceeding JD4.5 million. According to Samirat, the fund not only brings relief to the beneficiaries to the but has also contributed to enhancing financial stability within the community.

Social responsibility
The Zakat Fund's dedication to alleviating the burden of debt for individuals in need reflects its commitment to fulfilling its social responsibility and aligning with the vision of His Majesty.

With each successful debt settlement, the fund continues to embody the spirit of compassion and support, playing a crucial role in fostering economic well-being and solidarity in the Kingdom. 

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