Workshop on national economy kicks off at Royal Court

His Majesty King Abdullah meets with economic figures at Al- Husseiniya Palace on Feburary 22, 2022. (Photo: Royal Court)
AMMAN — Meetings of the National Economic Workshop kicked off at the Royal Hashemite Court (RHC) on Saturday under the title “Advancing into the future: Unleashing the potential to modernize the economy,” according to media outlets.اضافة اعلان

On the first day, the meetings dealt with an assessment of the current situation of vital economic sectors, including achievements made so far, factors that contributed to previous successes, in addition to previous challenges and weaknesses.

Participants discussed future opportunities for growth in the sectors covered by the workshop, and areas for improvement required, in addition to the necessary enabling factors.

His Majesty King Abdullah II directed the holding of this workshop to draw a roadmap that would be translated into intergovernmental action plan, in order to ensure unlocking the potential to achieve comprehensive growth, job creation, and increase revenues, which will be reflected in improving living standards for citizens.

The meetings, which include about 300 experts and specialists who represent the main sectors that make up all economic activities, aim to develop a clear future vision for the economic sectors through a strategic roadmap that is time-bound, integrated and feasible.
More than 300 experts look into challenges, solutions covering 17 vital sectors

The workshop, which will build on previous efforts, covers 17 vital sectors: agriculture, food security, energy, water, mining, communications and information technology, markets and financial services, health care, trade, industry, tourism, education and the labor market, transportation and logistics, urban development and climate Change, creative Industries, fiscal policy, employment, investment and business environment.

The workshop comes in response to a state of economic slowdown and a decline in the ability to employ and provide job opportunities, as a reflection of stressful regional and international conditions, including the effects of the global financial crisis and the coronavirus pandemic that affected the global economy.

For his part, Prime Minister BisherAl-Khasawneh said, on Saturday, that the National Economic Workshop aims to prepare a roadmap for Jordan that focuses on expanding key sectors and factors of economic empowerment, creating economic opportunities and improving the quality of life.

He added, via video link, that the government is committed to the outcomes of the workshop.

The Director-General of the Association of Banks in Jordan, Maher Al-Mahrouq, said that what was presented in the discussions is diagnostics for the reality of the sectors.

“We have 14 simultaneous workshops for 14 sectors,” he told Al-Mamlaka TV.  “We hope to reach a final vision for each sector within 4 weeks, and in the fifth week, these results will be combined into one document, the most important characteristic of which is to provide an integrated, harmonious, national vision for all sectors.”

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