Workplace safety violations result in 27 deaths and 462 injuries in 2022

Tamkeen releases guide on labor rights and workplace safety

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AMMAN — Through monitoring, Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights stated that there were 26 reported incidents of workplace safety procedure violations, which included 27 deaths and 462 injuries among workers.اضافة اعلان

Of these cases, 432 involved were Jordanian workers and 30 involved foreign workers, Al-Ghad News reported.

The construction, agriculture, and industry sectors reported the highest number of fatalities and injuries, while the service, education, construction, agriculture, industry, and transportation sectors were identified as high-risk environments for work-related injuries.

‘Significant threat’Tamkeen highlighted that work-related accidents and injuries pose a significant threat to worker health in Jordan, causing fatalities, disabilities, and lost work days.

Workers are exposed to these risks due to handling sharp tools and machinery or falling from high places, Tamkeen said in a statement.

Poor lighting and ventilation in the workplace and living quarters also contribute to eye diseases and respiratory illnesses, it said, particularly among foreign and agricultural workers.

Domestic workers are also at risk, seeing as they handle chemicals without proper tools and protection.

‘Unreported’Tamkeen, through follow-up, stated that it estimates that labor-related accidents are actually higher than reported.

It added that through monitoring it found that there is a continued lack of provision of public safety equipment in the workplace, leading to unreported occupational diseases and work-related injuries.

Workers, it said, bear the cost of their injuries and face salary deductions for missed work days. And while some employers do compensate injured workers, they still do not inform the Social Security Corporation of said injuries.

Response guideIn response to this issue, Tamkeen released a guide on "Labor Law, Permits, Insurance, Safety, and Occupational Health". The guide provides information on labor laws, workers' rights and insurance, work permits, and safety and occupational health, aiming to educate workers on their labor rights and raise awareness among employers and workers of the importance of providing and using occupational health and safety tools.

The guide covers relevant laws, the objectives and importance of occupational health and safety, areas of public safety, production elements, and the responsibilities of employers and workers in the work environment. It also outlines procedures to be followed in case of a work-related injury.

Tamkeen advises employers and workers to be aware of the importance of occupational health and safety, especially in sectors with high levels of occupational injuries.

Tamkeen for Legal Aid and Human Rights is an independent Jordanian non-governmental civil society organization established in 2007 specialized in labor, migration and combating human trafficking.

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