Jordanian doctor warns of ‘cold’ jab, claims ‘serious’ side effects

vaccine dose flu shots along with syringe
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Chest and respiratory disease specialist Dr Muhammad Hassan Al-Tarawneh warned of the colloquially called the “cold injection", describing it as a “catastrophic” mix, Jo24 reported.اضافة اعلان

This injection is well-known among Arabs, he said. "It is a catastrophic combination, and unfortunately very well known as … the ‘magic jab,” he added.

“Anyone with a cold enters a pharmacy and asks for this injection, which is the triple injection with an antibiotic, cortisone, and an analgesic. Sometimes it even has an antihistamine,” he explained

This “cocktail”, he said, may offer some temporary symptom relief for any cold patient because of the range of medications received. However, "cold infections do not need an antibiotic because they are viral infections from which humans automatically recover.”

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria begins to grow in the body instead due to the injection, he said. “Cortisone, too, can have very serious side effects."

Painkillers are also a risk, he added, given the risk they pose to the liver and kidneys.

Patients with allergies, especially asthma patients, are advised against this one “cocktail” injection, he added. 

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