Minister addresses key issues related to labor and social security

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Industry, Trade, and Supply, Yousef Shamali, addressed several key issues related to labor and social security during a recent radio interview. اضافة اعلان

The minister revealed that the Tripartite Commission for Labor Affairs had agreed to link the minimum wage to annual inflation, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the implementation was delayed due to the pandemic, according to a local media outlet.

The commission is scheduled to meet on Thursday to determine the decision regarding increasing the minimum wage, which is expected to be raised to JD11, reflecting a 4.22 percent inflation rate.

This will apply only to individuals earning the current minimum wage of JD260.

Migrant workersShamali also addressed the presence of migrant workers, saying that 114,000 workers have now obtained official work permits. In total, he added, some 300,000 migrant workers hold formal permits, excluding those who violate instructions.

Although, he noted, some cases of trading in work permits have been reported.

Social Security LawThe minister touched on the amendment to the Social Security Law, which aims to introduce changes to regulate the legal status of military retirees before they reach the age of 45.

The amendments also stipulate an additional year of service for personnel of the Jordan Armed Forces and security agencies who were employed as of June 10, 2022, he said.

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