Weather depression predicted to intensify Wednesday, bringing heavy rains

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(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Arab Regional Weather Center has predicted that the weather depression impacting the Kingdom will intensify on Wednesday and Thursday, bringing heavy rainfall in various parts of Jordan and cold, winter-like temperatures.اضافة اعلان

A cold front centered on Cyprus is expected to hit the Kingdom on Wednesday, bringing a tangible decrease in temperatures to about 10 to 12 degrees below average, Al-Saa News reported.

Skies on Wednesday are predicted to be partly cloudy to cloudy, and the chances of rainfall will increase gradually in various regions, with some thunderstorms and hail. Snow may also fall for a short period on Jordan’s southern peaks.

Meanwhile, southwesterly winds with strong gusts are predicted throughout the day, at times exceeding speeds of 80kph, and stirring up dust and dirt in the desert areas.

Thursday weatherAccording to the regional center’s weather maps, Jordan will continue to be affected by the cold front on Thursday, with temperatures remaining about eight to 10 degrees below average.

Skies will continue to see cloud formation, and rain showers are predicted in the northern and central parts of the Kingdom and some eastern areas.

The center also predicted fog formation over the peaks of the mountains and moderate to brisk southwesterly winds, with strong gusts over mountainous heights and in the eastern regions, where dust clouds may form.

High precipitation is likely to fall in the northern and central regions of the Kingdom during the two-day period, exceeding 70mm in some areas. This could also lead to the formation of torrents and floods in valleys and gorges.

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