Uranium in Swaqa can illuminate Jordan for 80 years — Toukan

Khaled Toukan
Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, Khaled Toukan (right) and IAEA Deputy Director Hua Liu (center) during Monday’s visit to a uranium mining project in central Jordan, implemented by the Jordan Uranium Mining Company. (Photo Petra)
AMMAN — Chairman of the Jordanian Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC), Khaled Toukan, said on Monday that Jordan is rich in uranium ores, explaining that 42,000 tonnes of yellow cake were processed over a period of six years after hard work by geologists, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

Toukan added that “each kilogram of yellow cake is equal to 55 barrels of oil, meaning that if Jordan set up nuclear reactors to produce electricity, we only need 400 tonnes to light up all of Jordan.” He continued, “When we say we have 42,000 tonnes of yellow cake, it means we can light up Jordan for 80 years at least, and this strategic amount is in the Swaqa area only.”

 “In Hassa area, studies have proven the presence of 25,000 tonnes of uranium, which means that if Jordan switches to nuclear energy we can help in combating climate change,” according to Toukan

He added that “in the coming decades Jordan will become a major source of nuclear fuel that will meet its own needs and that of countries in the Arab region as well.”

Meanwhile, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Deputy Director Hua Liu has said that Jordan’s flagship uranium mining project is a model for mining initiatives in the region, noting that the project was designed in sequence using a prudent scientific approach.

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