University admissions open for applications

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Unified Admission and Coordination Unit, today, will begin to receive electronic applications to join the official Jordanian universities, from morning until twelve o’clock at night of 28 August through the unit’s website (www.admhec.اضافة اعلان

The unit stated that Jordanian students with a GPA of 65% and over can enter the above-mentioned website, submit the application and select the options. They then have to pay the 15 Jordanian dinars application by using the electronic payment mechanism through “Bill Payment Service from the Central Bank of Jordan” e-Fawateercom, inserting their national number as the electronic payment number.

“This service is available through the payment channels that apply this service, including: Jordan Post offices located throughout the Kingdom, personal online bank account, Jordanian bank branches and their ATMs, and authorized exchange shops.” According to The Unified Admission and Coordination Unit, as reported by Al Ghad.

The unit directed the students to the necessity of entering the UCU website, in order to view the detailed data of the majors available in the official Jordanian universities, the status of these majors (stagnant, saturated or required), and the conditions of admission, fees, the general policy for admission to official universities, the mechanism for paying the application fee, tips and instructions for applicants. In addition, applicants can access frequently asked questions, and competitive acceptance rates for the previous five years (for the purpose of guidance only), in order to benefit from this information, and help them in making an online application.

Moreover, the UCU indicated that all students wishing to make an adjustment to the application (formerly stored options) could enter the software at any time during the day, within the specified period of the application process.

The Unit required all students who had obtained the Jordanian General Secondary School Certificate in 2004 and before to upload a copy of the transcript of this certificate, during the admission application process, so that their enrollment applications would be approved after being audited.

The unit also required all students who obtained high school certificates issued by the Ministry of Education in any Arab country through regular studies in 2016 and later, to upload a copy of the equivalency certificate or a copy of the transcript of the marks of this certificate recognized by the Jordanian Ministry of Education. All the requirements should be uploaded during the application process, until their applications are approved after being audited. For students who obtained high school certificates issued by the Ministry of Education in any Arab country through regular study in 2015 and before, they should upload a copy of the transcript of this certificate certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.

 “All students who have obtained a foreign general secondary school certificate from inside or outside Jordan (British, American, baccalaureate, etc.), must submit their applications within the period specified above, whether they obtained an equivalency certificate or not,” the unit stated, adding, “in the event that they do not obtain it, they should enter the expected average and a copy of the equivalency certificate issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, until the applications for admission are approved after verification.”
With regard to the High Royal Honours, the unit pointed out that all students who benefited from one of the High Royal Honours stipulated in the General Student Admission Policy had to apply electronically to the Unified Admission Coordination Unit (UCU), to benefit from them.

The application for access to the High Royal Honours for the children of military workers and retirees in the armed forces and other security services (the honor of the army) has become electronic through the website of the Directorate of Military Education and Culture through the following link: (

The unit confirmed that the process of submitting applications for unified admission is completely electronic. Students who are residing outside the Kingdom can submit an application for unified admission, then pay the application fee through the service, through a Jordanian bank account, or Visa or MasterCard card, and uploading the required documents.
The unit also confirmed that due to the electronic linking mechanism between the application for admission in Jordanian universities and the electronic portal of the Civil Status Department, all students who did not obtain a civil status ID can access the application program using the student’s national number and the number and location of the civil registration only and which are recorded in the family civil status record.

“A special date will be announced for submitting applications for admission to children of Jordanian women married to non-Jordanians, after the announcement of the results of the unified admission of Jordanian students,” the UCU stated.

A specific date for submitting applications for the bridging stage will also be announced after Al-Balqa Applied University announces the results of the Shamel comprehensive exam.

The unit confirms that all applications for admission will be treated with absolute fairness and transparency, and in the same way, there is no preference for the application submitted on the first day over the application submitted on the last day, and thus they advise students to be careful in choosing a specialization, and not to rush in submitting an application for admission.

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