Social Development Minister Emphasizes Support for Domestic Violence Survivors

Social Development Minister Emphasizes Support for Domestic Violence Survivors
Amman - Minister of Social Development and Head of the Ministerial Committee for Women’s Empowerment, Wafa Bani Mustafa, underscored the importance of focusing on support for domestic violence survivors who leave shelters, as part of measures provided to abused women, to help them integrate into society.اضافة اعلان

This was highlighted during the opening of a training workshop for the project to provide protection services to domestic violence survivors, implemented by the Jordanian Women's Union in cooperation with the French Embassy. The event was attended by French Ambassador to Jordan Alexis Le Coeur Grandmaison and President of the Women’s Union Amna Zoubi.

Bani Mustafa stated that support programs are essential for providing economic independence and a decent living for survivors. She emphasized the need for special programs and interventions with social, psychological, cultural, media, and educational dimensions to assist abused women in overcoming factors that fuel family violence.

She reiterated Jordan's commitment to human rights, particularly women's rights, highlighting the implementation of special legislation to combat violence and discrimination against women. These include constitutional amendments that protect women's rights and encourage their political participation.

Bani Mustafa pointed out that the new Social Development Law of 2024, which came into force last April, includes clear provisions for protecting abused women as part of the services provided by the ministry.

She added that the ministry, in cooperation with its partners, is reviewing and updating the national strategy for social protection. This includes providing social services through the "Empowerment" axis and benefiting from best practices and experiences to improve procedures and transition from shelters to more comprehensive roles.

Bani Mustafa emphasized the importance of partnering with the Women's Union and civil society organizations in shaping the vision for services provided to domestic violence survivors.

Grandmaison commended the ministry's commitment to protecting domestic violence survivors and providing necessary services and programs. He stressed the importance of continuing such workshops to benefit from experiences and expertise exchange.

Amna Zoubi, President of the Women’s Union, noted that the two-day workshop aims to strengthen the participatory approach between civil society institutions and the Ministry of Social Development through knowledge and experience exchange, particularly in legislation related to domestic violence survivors, and to foster more cooperative and integrated joint efforts.

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