Sister of minister sentenced to prison for insulting Jordanians

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AMMAN — The Amman Magistrate Court has issued a verdict against the sister of a current minister for insulting Jordanians during a recorded radio interview in defense of her brother. اضافة اعلان

The court found her guilty of defamation and slander, and she was sentenced to three months in prison. However, she was found not guilty of incitement, according to Khaberni.

21 plaintiffs file casesTwenty-one plaintiffs filed cases with the Amman Magistrate Court. The decision is subject to appeal.

Recorded radio interviewDuring the recorded radio interview, the woman directed blame and insults at Jordanians in defense of her brother, after his statement that "no one will die of thirst in Jordan."

She said: "The people have no shame, they are a lowly people. ... If any one of you takes a position or becomes a minister, (then you will know) that the responsibility is very large. … The people deserve to be (insulted) and stepped on, and they deserve to pay for a drop of water."

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