Second phase of Abdali phase is ready for launch — chairman

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – Amer Al-Fayez, the board chairman of the Abdali Investment and Development Company, has confirmed that the second phase of the Abdali project, surpassing the size of its predecessor, is prepared for launch, as reported by local media websites. اضافة اعلان

In addition, the chairman emphasized the company's intention to prioritize investments in non-traditional sectors, with a particular focus on healthcare.

‘The beating heart of Amman’
The significance of the second stage of the Abdali project is primarily attributed to its macroeconomic impact, as it has become a prominent investment destination known as "the beating heart of Amman," according to Al-Fayez.

The commencement of the next phase is anticipated in the coming months, involving the development of infrastructure through coordinated efforts with renowned specialized companies, most notably "Dar Al-Handasah".

Concurrently, Abdali Investment and Development Company has initiated discussions with potential investors to evaluate the viability of attracting investments for the project.

The upcoming stage aims to draw investments for the construction of a healthcare center, complementing the existing Al-Abdali Hospital, as well as a conference center.

The company also endeavors to secure quality investments for non-traditional ventures.

The second phase of the Abdali project is projected to cover an expansive area of approximately 130,000sq.m., incorporating green spaces. The Amman Municipality will oversee this phase, with the planned built-up area expected to reach around 1.3 million square meters, surpassing the 900,000sq.m. of the first phase.

Fayez affirmed that there are no limitations on the scale of investments being targeted, expressing that the first stage already attracted approximately $2.1 billion from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Lebanon, and domestic investors.

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