Sahara Forest Project celebrates a new milestone in Jordan

Sahara Forest Project
(Photo: Sahara Forest Project)
Press Release Sahara Forest Project (SFP) was bestowed with the Silver Jublee Medal during His Majesty’s meeting with local community leaders and figures in Aqaba last week, marking an astounding accomplishment and recognition for the project. اضافة اعلان

Receiving the medal on behalf of SFP was Lars Myren, Chairman of Sahara Forest Project, he said following the event “This is an honor that we receive with utmost humility, and pride, and it gives us even more reason to continue our work in Jordan in line with the Kingdom’s vision to achieve water and food security.”

SFP facilities in Aqaba utilizes available renewable resources to produce high end vegetables and fruits at competitive prices, while also working on revegetating the desert in Aqaba, using solar and wind energies, and sea water all of which are plentiful in Jordan.

“We remain adamant to further our project in Jordan, and committed now more than ever to expand, and prove that Jordan remains a hub for pioneering technologies that utilizes abundant resources to produce what is scarce,” added Lars.

Building on seven years of operations which were inaugurated in 2017 by His Majesty the King and HRH Prince Hakoon of Norway, SFP is planning to increase the size of the greenhouses facilities in Aqaba to produce up to 2000 tons of vegetables all year round in a sustainable manner.

“SFP is a clear exhibit of the great relations that Jordan and Norway have enjoyed over the years. It is a project that we at the government of Norway proudly support, and we are even more proud to see this cutting edge technology being implemented in Jordan,” said Espen Lindbeck, Norway's Ambassador to Amman.

SFP has also been working on capacitating young Jordanian women through the She Grows project in partnership with the Hussein Technical University. Plans are now underway to scale up this program to allow for a larger number of Jordanian young, and ambitious youth to equip them with technical skills to apply and benefit from climate smart agricultural development.

SFP also acts as an ambassador to showcase the investment hospitable environment in the Kingdom by highlighting the project’s success in global events and conferences most recently COP28 held in the United Arab Emirates. 

“SFP primarily aims to achieve a vision that utilizes abundant resources to produce what we need more of, and there is no better place to do that than Aqaba. The honor we received last week, gives us a boost of energy, zeal, and determination to continue working to achieve this vision, and the vision of the Kingdom to further food and water security for all Jordanians. We are determined to move forward, and scale up our project to employ, train, serve, and produce more for the world and for Jordanians,” concluded the Chairman.

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