Royal Health Awareness Society holds closing ceremony of Health Journalism Training Project

Faisal Al-Shboul  Faisal  Shboul
Minister of Communication, Faisal Al-Shboul. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
Press Release — The government spokesman and Minister of Communication, Faisal Al-Shboul, attended the closing ceremony of the training project for journalism and media graduates in the field of health Journalism. The project was implemented by the Royal Health Awareness Society in partnership and collaboration with the Ministry of Government Communication.اضافة اعلان

During his speech at the ceremony, Al-Shboul stated that training journalism and media graduates in the field of health media is part of the Ministry of Government Communication's priorities to develop the media ecosystem and improve the quality of information available to citizens.

Al-Shboul emphasized the importance of continuous training in media, stating that the Ministry of Government Communication, believing in the importance of specialized journalism, worked in partnership with several civil society institutions to design and deliver training programs in two vital sectors: health and tourism. He expressed his hope that these partnerships will continue in order to design similar programs in other vital sectors, contributing to community awareness, quality reporting, and providing training opportunities for fresh media graduates seeking to enter the job market.

Al-Shboul further said, "Investing in youth training is an investment in the future of journalism and media. Today, Jordan, like the rest of the world, is facing a significant spread of mis- and dis- information, especially in the health field, which requires continuous awareness and training to confront fake news, rumors, and privacy violations."

He also stressed on the importance of spreading Jordan's pioneering experience in media and information literacy education to confront risks of misinformation spread among children and young adults.

The Minister of Government Communication commended the role of the Royal Health Awareness Society in designing and implementing this pioneering project, thanking the Jordan Media Institute, the academic partner for designing the academic component of the project, as well as the World Diabetes Foundation and the Novonordisk Foundation, UNICEF, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and the International Rescue Committee for their generous financial support, and commended the 12 local media outlets that provided professional training for six months.

The Director-General of the Royal Health Awareness Society, Dr. Amal Ireifij, stated that “This training project is the result of continuous cooperation and partnership with a number of government agencies, foremost among them the Ministry of Government Communication, Ministry of Health, as well as media institutions and supporters”.. Ireifij further explained that the project was designed after the COVID-19 pandemic, which had repercussions on the community, including the spread of infodemics, which necessitated the existence of a specialized media training program on health that works to empower a group of journalism and media graduates and build their journalistic and research capacities, enabling them to verify the accuracy of health information and conveying it to the public especially around topics such as noncommunicable diseases, reproductive health, and others. It is worth noting that this training is also part of the activities of a project that aims to strengthen national response to COVID19, implemented by Ministry of Health, Royal Health Awareness Society, and funded by the World Diabetes Foundation with support from the Novo Nordisk Foundation.

The training resulted in the production of more than 350 health media products, in visual, written, audio, and digital formats. The ceremony included a presentation of an in-house evaluation study assessing the project design and delivery. The study highlighted the extent of the benefit achieved by measuring the impact of theoretical and professional training on participants and the extent to which they benefited in developing their competencies and skills. The study also identified strengths and successes that could be built upon in designing future training programs aimed at recent graduates in the fields of journalism and media.

The study pointed out that the success of the training project was distinguished by the presence of the Ministry of Government Communication as a major partner, which gave credibility to the project and was supportive in its implementation, in addition to its execution through a non-governmental organization that provided the agility and high expertise to manage and implement such multi-faceted projects with multiple partners and stakeholders. This contributed to a positive change in the job-seeking expectations and orientations of the trained graduates to seek work in the private sector, non-governmental organizations, or through freelancing.

At the end of the event, the minister and the General director of the Royal Health Awareness Society celebrated the supporting parties and media institutions participating in the project, presenting this appreciation awards, and presented the graduating 41 trainees with completion certificates.

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