Reports of rape rise by 16.2% in 2020

(Photo: Pexel)
AMMAN — Reports of rape registered by security agencies saw a 16.2-percent increase last year, according to the criminal statistics report of 2020.
The number of recorded rape reports in 2020 amounted to 200, compared to 172 in 2019.اضافة اعلان

Reports of adultery and abortion also went up in the past year, with adultery rising by 23.7 percent, recording 146 reports, and abortion shooting up 92.3 percent, with 25 cases reported, compared to 13 in 2019, a statement by the Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI) said.

Despite the rise in these numbers, the annual statistics report indicates a 9.5-percent drop in reports of crimes against morality and public ethics in 2020, compared to 2019.

SIGI stressed in the statement that the data of crimes against women and girls point to “social imbalances that increase with the rise in the rates of crimes against women and girls,” adding that, in most cases, women are the victims of crimes against morality and public ethics.

SIGI called on relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies to consider the findings of the report as the basis for policymaking, and setting strategies and programs to address social and legal problems, as well as a prevalent culture that is “harmful to women”.

SIGI also appealed for the provision of social, psychological, and health services and protection to survivors of sexual crimes, as well as the eradication of the “silence culture” for abused women and girls, which “prevents them from reporting any form of violence to the authorities,” according to SIGI.

The women rights organization also called for the review of legislation to offer more protection to women and girls, including articles addressing abortion in the Penal Code, advocating for decriminalizing abortion in cases where it is necessary to protect women’s lives, physical or psychological health, and reputation.