Rainy and cold weather during weekend and upcoming days

(Photos: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
The Kingdom is gradually affected by low depression that affects the Kingdom ,drop in temperature with thunder rain showers gets heavier at night, According to WASM, اضافة اعلان

Friday 31-12-2021
The Kingdom will gradually be affected by low depression centered on north of Egypt The weather will be cold and rainy that will get heavier at night. Winds will be south easterly.

Saturday 1-1-2022
The weather is still cold and rainy in vast areas of the kingdom, the intensity of rain will weaken during night hours temporarily. winds will be easterly.

Sunday and Monday 2 and 3-1-2022
New low pressure will affect Jordan, Heavy rain and wintery precipitation will
affect vast areas of the Kingdom, light snow showers are expected on the top of southern mountains during night hours, the winds will be westerly.

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