Qatar Financial Center engages with 115 Jordanian companies

Qatar Financial Center  Qatar Financial Centre
(Photo: Qatar Financial Center)
AMMAN — The number of Jordanian companies engaging in commercial activities through the Qatar Financial Center platform has reached approximately 115 companies by the close of the first half of this year. This marks an increase from around a hundred companies at the end of 2022.اضافة اعلان

As detailed on the Qatar Financial Center's website, which stands as one of the region's major financial and commercial hubs, the ventures of these Jordanian companies span diverse fields within a range of economic sectors, Hala News reported A considerable portion of these activities is concentrated in digitization and financial technology, banking and finance, wealth management, investment, information technology, hospitality, general services, trade, import, export, and small-scale industries.

Notably, the registered Jordanian companies exhibit a robust and persistent presence. The Kingdom of Jordan ranks second in the region, following Qatar, in the number of companies operating under the umbrella of the Qatar Financial Center.

Presently, the assets under management by the Qatar Financial Center exceed 110 billion Qatari Riyals (equivalent to JD30.2 billion dollars).

A workforce exceeding 10,000 individuals
The platform of the center currently hosts over 1800 local and international companies, functioning across various financial and commercial sectors. These entities collectively employ a workforce exceeding 10,000 individuals.

Activities undertaken by these companies encompass a wide spectrum, including healthcare, education, investments, media, sports, retail, logistics, digital services, financing, real estate, and energy.

Jordanian companies, among others, benefit from an array of privileges and encouraging incentives offered by the Qatar Financial Center. These encompass 100 percent foreign ownership, a unified online platform facilitating licensing, commercial registration, visas, and passports. The corporate tax rate, competitive at 10 percent, applies to profits generated from local sources. The tax framework adheres to international double taxation agreements.

Furthermore, these companies enjoy the flexibility of transferring profits abroad without incurring taxes. The operational environment, characterized by transparency, eases accessibility. Additionally, a specialized dispute resolution center, endorsed by the International Labor Organization, addresses administrative conflicts. Companies can engage in currency trading and avail themselves of streamlined visa and employment procedures.

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