Prince El-Hassan warns of critical refugee aids cuts in Jordan

HRH Prince El-Hassan bin Talal
HRH Prince El-Hassan bin Talal. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN HRH Prince El-Hassan bin Talal issues a warning about a critical turning point due to reduced international aid for refugees in Jordan, as funding cuts threaten their existence. Last month, the World Food Program announced a reduction in monthly food aid for 465,000 beneficiaries in Jordan, excluding around 50,000 refugees from assistance.اضافة اعلان

In an article for the Italian Institute for International Political Studies earlier this month, he emphasized that cutting support for refugees poses a severe danger to their safety, health, and dignity. He highlighted Jordan's reception of millions of refugees fleeing neighboring countries in recent decades, noting that maintaining necessary support has become an increasing challenge, Alsaa reported.

Critical funding shortfall
He called on the international community not to abandon Jordan simply because the focus shifted to other conflicts. Despite aid reduction, WFP still faces a critical funding shortfall of $41 million until the end of 2023, and without adequate funding, the program will be forced to further cut aid, as previously stated by the program.

He urged governments and international organizations to reconsider recent reductions in refugee funding in Jordan, clarifying that ignoring the plight of refugees equals abandoning our shared responsibility towards humanity and human dignity.

Collective action
He called for collective action to ensure that all refugees, regardless of their origin, race, or religion, can live a dignified life without being rendered invisible due to global indifference. He asserted that selective burden-sharing should not be applied, favoring one group of refugees while reducing support for others. In this context, he noted the staggering number of refugees displaced by the war in Ukraine, emphasizing their urgent need for assistance.

Meanwhile, he added that various countries' rapid and robust response to the Ukrainian refugee crisis demonstrates what the world can achieve when it acts decisively and responsibly. He called for urgently and responsibly extending this sentiment to include all refugees, ensuring they receive the assistance and protection they desperately need.

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