World Food Program needs $41 million for Jordan food aid

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The World Food Program (WFP) has confirmed that it still requires $41 million in funding to continue its provision of food assistance in Jordan until the end of this year. This is despite the reduction in the value of aid for benefiting refugees and the exclusion of approximately 50,000 individuals from monthly assistance.اضافة اعلان

According to the WFP's monthly report, without securing the necessary funding, the program may be compelled to further curtail its assistance to beneficiaries outside the refugee camps, starting from September, and this reduction could extend to refugees within the camps from October, Alsaa reported.

Based on the WFP's operational plan for the food assistance project for refugees in Jordan, the total requirements for the current year amount to $196.1 million, aiming to provide adequate assistance to 465,000 beneficiaries throughout the year. The requirements between June and December 2023 amount to approximately $123 million.

With the reduction in aid value and the exclusion of around 50,000 individuals from assistance, the funding needs have decreased to $41 million.

Reduction of monthly aid by one-thirdThe program was compelled to reduce the monthly aid by one-third for all Syrian refugees residing in the Za'atari and Azraq camps, totaling 119,000 refugees, following the reduction that was applied to refugees living outside the camps.

Starting from August, Syrian refugees in the camps will receive reduced cash transfers amounting to $21 (JD15) per person monthly, down from the previous amount of $32 (JD23).

A significant increase in calls
The reduction has led to an increase in calls received by the program's call center, with affected individuals expressing frustration and concerns about the impact of the reduction on their food security and the potential increase in debts.

In June, the program provided monthly food assistance to 457,000 refugees in camps and host communities through cash transfers. Approximately 32 percent of Syrian refugees (around 150,000 beneficiaries) received their assistance via electronic cards.

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