Political, economic reform needs appropriate administrative climate — Shboul

Shboul - Ameer
State Minister for Media Affairs Faisal Al-Shboul. (Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — State Minister for Media Affairs Faisal Al-Shboul said that political reforms and the Economic Modernization Vision need an appropriate administrative environment.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Jordan Television’s 60 Minutes program on Friday, Shboul said the Committee to Modernize the Public Sector, chaired by the prime minister, constitutes a national effort in this regard and includes experts from the private and public sectors.

The minister said that the public sector modernization map will be submitted to the Cabinet for review as the ministerial committees and sectoral teams will be formed to implement it. 

He stressed the government’s openness to any ideas, objective observations or constructive criticism raised in this regard.

He pointed out that the government will start applying the first models of the public sector modernization map, which includes the establishment of the first comprehensive center for government services in the Muqablain area.

He explained that the government’s intends to expand the idea of this center and circulate it to all governorates through the establishment of 15 comprehensive government centers next year.

Commenting on the abolition of the Labor Ministry, Shboul said law enforcement tasks in relation to the ministry will be carried out by other government institutions such as the Ministry of the Interior.

He said that one of the main pillars of the public sector modernization map is the employee, stressing that the government does not aim to dispense of any employees’ services, but rather seeks to train and re-qualify them.

The minister also pointed to digitalizing procedures to facilitate access to services.

Commenting on Children rights bill, Shboul said that the draft was submitted to the Lower House, where the legislators have the right to amend or delete some articles, in addition to their right to a final vote on the entire law.

In separate comments, the minister said that Jordan has a response plan to face climate change and reduce emissions by 31 percent until 2030, according to a local media outlet.

The government will be responsible for 5 percent of the response plan, while the international community should contribute 26 percent as part of its international response to the crisis, which affects the globe, not a country or a region, Shboul said.

He stressed that Jordan is part of an international coalition facing climate challenges, and part of an international community comprising 190 nations.

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