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July 3 2022 12:19 PM ˚
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Officials no-show for Lower House committee meeting

(Photo: Jordan News)
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AMMAN — A meeting was scheduled between the Lower House Administrative Committee and officials from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the president of the Civil Service Bureau, and the head of the Higher Education Ministry’s Unified Admissions Unit. The meeting did not take place and was delayed due to the absence of officials.اضافة اعلان

The head of the committee, Deputy Ali Al-Tarawneh, told Jordan News that the officials had been informed of the meeting a week ago, and that they should have informed the committee if they were unable to attend, but that no such apology has yet been issued.

“Their unannounced absence is unacceptable; none of them came except the secretary general of the Civil Service Bureau, he came while his superior did not,” the lawmaker said. Tarawneh described the officials’ absence as “evasion of responsibility” and added that the committee will send a memo to the Prime Ministry in order to clarify the matter. 

The MP said that the meeting was to discuss two topics; firstly, the recent administrative formations that took place in the Education Ministry, and secondly, the basis of unified admission on which medical and dental students were accepted.

“With regard to the (former), the committee wanted to review the criteria of its formation, especially with regard to the highest levels and senior administrators,” the deputy said.

As for the latter, the MP said that there are questions that need to be asked in regards to the process. The requirement for students’ acceptance is an average grade of 98.5 percent or higher, but the deputy contended that students with lower average grades had been accepted.

“I have a reliable case (of a student who did not meet the criteria for acceptance),” the lawmaker asserted. “It should be known to everyone is involved that the basis for the selection should be fair to all. If necessary, I will personally go to the universities and check the admission statements. Then, if it is confirmed that irregularities occurred, there will be appropriate action.” Tarawneh stressed. 

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