No monopoly over car modification sector, official confirms

A partly dismantled car is seen at a garage in Jordan in this undated photo. (Photo: Jordan News)
A partly dismantled car is seen at a garage in Jordan in this undated photo. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A source at the Ministry of Interior has dispelled some claims circulating on social media about a certain company’s monopoly on dealing with the licensing of modified or upgraded vehicles.اضافة اعلان

The comments come after a video was circulated widely on social media accusing officials of bias decisions in favor of garages and body shops that received accreditation and certificates to allow them to modify cars without obstructing licensing at the traffic department.

The source indicated that Minister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya has instructed that a committee be formed to study the best mechanisms for dealing with vehicles that have been modified at garages unapproved by the ministry or the traffic department, as a result of grievances by citizens who had unknowingly updated their vehicles at unapproved garages and were not allowed to renew their car licenses.

As such, garages can submit an application to the traffic department to acquire an accreditation certificate that would allow them to give their own customers certificates verifying that the garage has modified and approved the vehicle.

Currently, five garages have applied for and obtained the necessary certifications, including the Al-Sarj Company for Car Services / Al Cobra Center, Haroun Center for Car Painting and Body Shop, Shaaban Car Services, Jordan Garage, and Al-Nashwati Garage, according to the ministry source.

Garages are expected to sign a pledge upholding their commitment to abide by the rules laid out by the traffic department.

Inspections are carried out by qualified engineers and technicians at the traffic department to ensure the legality of modifications and that in the case of violations, garages, not citizens, are held accountable, the source added.

An employee at Shaaban Car Services, which obtained its license a week ago, explained in an interview with Jordan News that the company must abide by the “specification that the body of the car remains untouched.”

He said that “those [vehicles] modified within specifications and restrictions decided upon by the traffic department, namely that car parts added should also be removable,” can get the necessary approval and renew their licenses without problems.

“Garages that get this certification have to meet certain standards and specifications ... not anyone can easily acquire it,” he continued.

An employee at the Haroun Center for Car Painting and Body Shop told Jordan News that the center acquired its certification on Thursday, after a three-week-long process and “a lot of paperwork.”

He added that he is specifically tasked with inspecting cars to ensure they meet certain standards before they go to the traffic department.

The ministry source indicated that any garage can at any time submit an application to obtain the necessary certification.

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