Nearly 3,000 environmental violations observed during 2021

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The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature is the executive arm of the Ministry of Environment. (Photo: Jordan Tourism Board)
AMMAN — The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) said it monitored 2,936 environmental violations of various degrees during 2021, which falls within its purview.اضافة اعلان

There were 559 cases of environmental violation by factories, industrial entities, and shops, and 11 cases of illegal waste burning, according to RSCN statistics obtained by Jordan News.

There were also 225 violations by vehicles, some involving noise, others involving gas emissions, 61 violations involving livestock, and 236 cases of adulterated olive oil (approximately 403 liters).

About 52 cases were related to chemicals and hazardous materials, and four violations to the marine environment, according to the RSCN.

RSCN Director-General Khaled Irani told Jordan News that the society collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Royal Department of Environment Protection (rangers), and the Ministry of Environment in an attempt to ensure that no violations are committed.

According to Irani, the rangers are distributed in and outside nature reserves, as well as in different public places, in accordance with the Agriculture Ministry’s guidelines regulating hunting, with the Environment Ministry by-law that manages nature reserves and with the Waste Management Framework Law.

Environment Ministry spokesperson Ahmad Obeidat told Jordan News that while the ministry monitors and controls violations, the executive arm is the RSCN.

According to Obeidat, fines for violations range from JD50 to JD1,000, depending on their severity. There have been more than 15,000 violations between the end of July 2020 to date, he said.

Obeidat said that Waste Management Framework Law No. 16 was issued in 2020, and came into force in July 2021, in conjunction with the launch of the national campaign for public cleanliness.

"We have indeed noticed a qualitative improvement in this regard, the number of violations decreased over time," said Obeidat commending the citizens' increased commitment to cleanliness and respect for streets, public places, reserves, and forests, following the Department of Environment Protection's continuous monitoring and people's increased awareness.

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