Amplifiers on vehicles main source of Amman noise pollution — PSD

6. Car Audio Amps
An illustrative photo of a subwoofer installed in a vehicle. (Photo: Flickr)
AMMAN — The Public Security Directorate (PSD) has received numerous complaints about vehicles and motorbikes using audio amplifiers and creating sound pollution which violates the law, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

According to a source from the PSD, some streets of Amman have become a haven for those who use amplifiers, which angers residents and occasionally triggers arguments and squabbles.

The source stressed that violators could face fines by traffic police and may be forced to dispense of the amplifiers. Penalties could also reach seizing the violating vehicle and sentencing the person involved to time in prison

A Ministry of Interior official has called for mainstreaming instructions at the customs and licensing departments with respect to such amplifiers. He said that some motorbikes imported into Jordan are originally equipped with sound amplifiers, and once they are custom cleared, it is not possible to dispense of those amplifiers. 

He noted that most users are youth aged 18–26 years, calling on them to abstain from causing harm to others.  

Lawyer Abdel Halim Fayez said that penalty may reach imprisonment for a period of not less than a week and not exceeding one month, or a fine ranging from JD50 to JD100, but can reach JD200, and some violators may receive a combined penalty of fine and prison. 

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