National basketball player claims she was refused interview because of her jeans

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(Photo: handout from Rubi Habash)
AMMAN — The captain of the national basketball team, Rubi Habash, claimed she was refused an interview with Jordan TV on Wednesday, due to her clothing. Habash was due to appear as a guest on the Sabah Al-Riyada program on Jordan TV after her team won in the Women's Basketball League.اضافة اعلان

However, in an exclusive interview with Jordan News, Habash said: "Before the episode, I was told that I could not be interviewed because my jeans were inappropriate to appear on the TV.”

Habash, who also posted a Tweet about the incident, said that she was wearing jeans ripped at the knee and a long-sleeved white shirt.

Habash added: “This talk bothered me, as these jeans are common in Jordan, and there is no transgression in it, and one of the organizers of the program asked me to wear other pants if I had some in my car. I asked if it is was possible to take the shoots (only) from the upper part, and they replied that it was impossible.”

The Jordanian national team won their final series of three matches. A source at Jordan TV, who preferred to remain anonymous, said: "Rubi is considered a colleague at the sports channel. Jordan TV is her home and we often interview her, and we do not consider there to be a real problem with her."

The director of the Jordan Basketball Association, Tayseer Saadeh, was contacted by Jordan News, and said: "As a federation, we have no idea of what happened and we are not a part of this matter."

In response to the incident, Al-Fuheis Club Director, Ayman Samawi, told Jordan News that "what Rubi wore was respectful and there was no reason to cancel the interview. … the basketball players wear shorts and the match is broadcast on TV, and this does not cause a problem.”

Samawi added that “This behavior amazed me and the decision not to conduct the interview is not correct."

Jordan News also attempted to contact the Director-General of Jordan Television Mohamad Balqar but was informed that he was unavailable for comment.

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