Men culprits in 64.4% of physical domestic violence cases last year — study

A series of photos of women portraying victims of domestic abuse which is part of an advertising campaign run by Victim Services in New York. (Photo: NYTimes)
AMMAN — A survey has found that 64.4 percent of cases of physical domestic violence cases during the past year were committed by men.

The study, titled "The Results of Data Analysis of Social Service Offices," conducted by the Ministry of Social Development, revealed that, “the perpetrators behind most sexual violence cases were from outside the family, constituting 83.5 percent of the total cases of sexual violence.اضافة اعلان

Women were found to be responsible in 34.4 percent of child neglect cases.

According to the survey, the number of domestic violence cases that were dealt with by the ministry's 18 social services offices across governorates during the past year reached 10,375, including 5,776 involving adult women and 4,612 involving children, split between males and females.

Ministry of Social Development Secretary General Barq Al-Dmour, told Al-Ghad and Jordan News that the analysis is part of a comprehensive study on the reported cases of violence and aims to study the characteristics victims of violence that will then be referenced to devise solutions to this phenomenon.

He added that the ministry is currently drafting recommendations to limit cases of domestic violence.

The ministry, through its offices at the police-run Family Protection Department and its divisions in all governorates, deals with cases of family violence by evaluating and determining action that should be taken to help individuals or families affected by domestic violence, based on the causes of violence and its effects, and put in place plans to prevent the reoccurrence of these cases.

He added that the action needed to address each case is determined and referred to service providers (social, health, psychological, and legal).

He explained that part of the ministry's mandate is to intervene and secure shelter for abused women or children who need this service.

Regarding the types of violence, the percentage of cases that involved physical violence were 54.4 percent. The study identified women over the age of 18 years were among the most vulnerable groups to this type of abuse, with the number reaching 4,060 women during the year 2020, while the lowest number of reported cases was sexual violence, at a rate of approximately 7.6 percent.

According to the study, the more densely populated areas accounted for a greater number of reports of violence cases, while the reporting was less in the governorates and areas with lower densities.

The study devoted a special section to violence against persons with disabilities, amounting to 48 cases in total, noting that the largest proportion involved cases of negligence by 54 percent of the figure, followed by physical abuse (38 percent), then sexual abuse (6 percent) and psychological abuse (2 percent).

It indicated that females with disabilities were more vulnerable to violence than males, amounting to 30 cases, while 18 cases involved males as victims. Meanwhile, persons with mental disabilities were the most likely to act violently, according to the data.

As for the distribution of people with disabilities by age group, the study revealed: “The age group of 15-18 years is the group most vulnerable to domestic violence, according to the data of the Family ProtectionDepartment and the cases reported to it.”

The study showed that, given the distribution of cases of violence based on the description of the offender, most people with disabilities who reported exposure to violence, experienced it at the hands of a father and their number reached 19 cases, about 39 percent of the cases, then the mother 16 cases, the siblings three cases, the children six cases, The husband is one case and from outside the family there are three cases.

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