Media Experts Highlight Role in Crisis Management at Jordan Forum

Media Experts Highlight Role in Crisis Management at Jordan Forum
Amman - Media professionals from Jordan and the Arab world asserted that effective media can adeptly manage crises by utilizing accurate information swiftly, leading to positive outcomes.اضافة اعلان

Speaking at a session titled "Media and Decision-Making in the World," part of the first Jordan Forum for Media and Digital Communication, experts emphasized the necessity of neutral and diverse information dissemination. They highlighted the media's crucial role in aiding decision-makers.

The professionals stressed that robust, objective, and transparent official media benefits governments, nations, and citizens, reducing opportunities for misinformation. They described digital media as a "playground for the uninformed," causing confusion and leading to erroneous decisions. They also highlighted the "chaos" of social media, where news is often mistakenly perceived as reliable.

On Tuesday, Minister of Government Communications and government spokesperson Muhannad Moubaideen, representing Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh, inaugurated the forum.

Former Minister of State for Information Affairs, Senator Mohamed Momani, noted that strong, objective official media positively impacts governance and public perception, preventing misinformation.

He discussed the dual nature of "citizen journalism": while it provides valuable content, it often lacks professionalism and objectivity. Momani emphasized the role of independent media in harnessing this content.

Momani underscored the importance of balancing "accuracy" and "speed" in official media. He stressed that accurate news is crucial for decision-makers, governments, and citizens.

He reiterated the Jordanian state's commitment to freedom and responsibility, emphasizing the need to avoid false news and strife to preserve this freedom.

Addressing the credibility crisis of official narratives, Momani stated that officials with accurate information can confidently defend their decisions. He also highlighted the significance of artificial intelligence, urging its careful and beneficial use.

Former Lebanese Minister of Information, Manal Abdel Samad, stressed the importance of neutral, unbiased information dissemination. She highlighted Lebanon's focus on accuracy and public education, noting the launch of the hashtag "Count to ten before publishing."

Abdel Samad called for strategies to regulate social media, advocating for Arab solidarity to protect shared interests. She emphasized that media should self-regulate, uphold professionalism, objectivity, and the journalistic code of honor.

She highlighted the media's critical role in crises, stating that accurate, swift information leads to positive outcomes.

Abdul Rahim Nuaimi, CEO of Communications and Government Relations at Abu Dhabi Media Network, highlighted media's role in aiding decision-making. He described digital media as causing confusion and leading to wrong outcomes. Nuaimi emphasized the need for media credibility and condemned hate speech and sedition.

Nuaimi questioned whether the media faces a crisis of capability, stressing the importance of having the right tools to handle crises. He also highlighted the UAE's interest in artificial intelligence, questioning the existence of governing policies.

The Jordan Forum for Media and Digital Communication, which runs for two days, includes eight sessions with over 30 speakers from local, Arab, and international media.

The forum celebrates the silver jubilee of His Majesty King Abdullah II's reign and the 78th anniversary of Jordan's independence. It addresses challenges in the Arab media industry and provides innovative solutions to enhance professional ethics and media freedom.

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