Karak agricultural directorate dismisses rumors of locust infestation

brown locust resting on the ground
(Photo: Envato Elements)
AMMAN — The Directorate of Agriculture in Karak denied rumors that locusts have been seen hopping around the governorate's agricultural lands. اضافة اعلان

In a recent statement, Director Misbah Al-Tarawneh confirmed that a committee had been formed to investigate the reports, according to a local media outlet.

Committee investigationThe committee comprised the head of the Plant Production Department and the head of the Prevention and Plant Health Division.

They conducted a field inspection visit to verify the information and complaints received. However, the committee concluded that the pests were not desert migratory locusts, but rather solitary local grasshoppers.

Tarawneh explained that the grasshoppers feed on herbs and rarely consume crops.

He added that they do not cause significant economic losses and appear at the same time every year.

Their numbers vary depending on the warm atmosphere and heat.

Natural DisappearanceTarawneh further stated that the pests would soon disappear with changing weather conditions and would not require any control operations.

He appealed to people not to panic or pay attention to rumors and advised them to communicate with the Directorate of Agriculture for further advice.

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