Jordan welcomes ICJ's decision demanding Israel immediately stop its attack on Rafah

Jordan welcomes ICJ's decision demanding Israel immediately stop its attack on Rafah
Amman - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates, on Friday, welcomed the International Court of Justice's (ICJ) historic ruling, which orders Israel to immediately cease its military assault on Rafah and the actions that would cause unimaginable suffering for the Palestinian people.اضافة اعلان

Ambassador Sufian Qudah, the official spokesperson for the Ministry, emphasized the importance of carrying out this decision, which stands for the global will to put an end to this ferocious aggressive war and the unparalleled suffering and humanitarian disaster it is causing, surpassing all international legal norms, international humanitarian law, and moral and humanitarian principles.

The Security Council must promptly take on its responsibilities, put an end to Israel's persistent violations of international law, and impose its application without bias or double standards. Ambassador Qudah emphasized the need for Israel to abide by international humanitarian law, international law, and the international will calling for an end to the war.

He also warned the judges that Israel would persist in its crimes against the fraternal Palestinian people in Gaza, emphasizing the need to remove all barriers and ensure that sufficient and sustainable humanitarian aid can enter the Gaza Strip in all areas and that the Rafah crossing will always be available for humanitarian aid to enter the Strip.

In addition to Israel providing a report to the court on its compliance with the temporary measures, Ambassador Qudah emphasized the necessity of putting into practice the court's ruling regarding the implementation of provisional measures to guarantee that the investigation and investigation committees assigned by the United Nations agencies carry out their tasks in investigating genocide crimes, without hindrance.

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