Jordan’s regulatory authority processes 1009 license applications

Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — In August, Jordan's Energy & Minerals Regulatory Commission Sector received 1009 license applications across various sectors, with 10 applications being rejected. These applications were distributed among different sectors, including natural resources, radioactive and nuclear work, electricity, renewable energy, and oil and derivatives.اضافة اعلان

The rejected applications were primarily related to the oil and derivatives sector, involving requests for fuel station establishment and a preliminary approval for a liquefied gas cylinder storage depot, Saraya News reported.

In the natural resources sector, 488 applications were submitted for obtaining licenses or permits, covering areas such as the export and import of raw materials, quarrying, and explosives experts.

Additionally, there were 8 applications for license renewal or permits, requests for license transfer or modification, and applications for license cancellations.

The radioactive and nuclear work sector received 295 applications, including permits for import and export transit, personal applications, institutional licenses, and license renewals.

In the electricity and renewable energy sector, 40 applications were received, with a focus on public charging stations, renewable energy projects, and license renewals for individuals in the sector.

Within the oil and derivatives sector, 174 applications were submitted, with 10 rejections. These included requests for operating the central liquefied petroleum gas facility, establishing fuel stations, importing gas tanks, and license renewals.

In total, 158 applications were approved in the oil and derivatives sector, encompassing various aspects of the industry.

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