Jordan's hotel occupancy rates reach 70% over weekend

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to the Jordan Hotels Association (JHA), hotel occupancy rates in Jordan for the current weekend have surpassed 70 percent.اضافة اعلان

The JHA spokesperson, Muhammad Al-Qasem, provided a breakdown of the figures for various regions across the country.

Qasem announced that the highest occupancy rates were recorded in the Dead Sea, with 90 percent occupancy, followed by Petra with 80 percent, Amman with 77 percent, and Aqaba with 74 percent.

Hotel category occupancy ratesQasem also provided the occupancy rates according to hotel classifications by category.

For the 5-star category in the Dead Sea, the occupancy rate was approximately 90 percent, and for the 4-star category, it was 93 percent. Meanwhile, in Petra, the occupancy rate for the 5-star category was about 80 percent, for the 4-star category it was 87 percent, and for the 3-star category it was 66 percent.

In Amman, the 5-star category occupancy rate was about 77 percent, the 4-star category was 80 percent, and the 3-star category was 62 percent.

Finally, in Aqaba, the occupancy rates were 74 percent for the 5-star category, 77 percent for the 4-star category, and 69 percent for the 3-star category.

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