Jordan eases visa rules to boost investor access

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMANMinister of Interior Mazen Al-Faraya has reaffirmed that the issuance of visas to investors and traders from nationalities requiring prior approval to enter Jordan, along with the necessary residence permits, aims to facilitate their exploration of investment opportunities in the kingdom.اضافة اعلان

During his visit to the Jordan Free Zones Investors Commission in Zarqa on Tuesday, he emphasized the importance of creating a conducive environment and favorable conditions for investors while nurturing existing investments to promote their localization across the nation. He stressed the continuous effort to develop Jordan into a beacon and a model for attracting investments, which would positively impact the achievement of comprehensive and sustainable development in the Kingdom, Khaberni reported.

He highlighted the significance of the government's decision to exempt trucks that undergo scrapping and upgrading from sales tax and to expedite the scrapping and replacement process. He called for a swift solution to reduce the time it takes for civil defense personnel to reach fires that may occur in the free zone. These delays are caused by the necessity for civil defense vehicles to exit the free zone and loop around to re-enter through the entrance gate to reach the location of the fire. This issue could be easily resolved through coordination between customs and the civil defense.

Furthermore, he stressed the importance of enhancing coordination and maintaining continuous cooperation through regular meetings between executive bodies and stakeholders. This approach ensures the comprehensive addressing of all problems and challenges rather than relying on ad hoc solutions. He also emphasized the need to monitor the implementation of the outcomes of these coordination meetings.

Favoring local labor over foreign labor
He also underscored the importance of not utilizing foreign labor at the expense of Jordanian labor, stating, "We must avoid pushing our youth into frustration due to job scarcity and unemployment." He called for encouraging Jordanian workers to engage in opportunities provided by the free zones, while emphasizing the need to overcome any culture of laziness and idleness.

Al-Faraiah noted, "Jordan, with its security, stability, unique geographical location, and various facilities and free trade agreements, is suitable for all types of investments." He pointed out that the diligent work of the government continuously reviews regulations governing and supporting investments to promote economic growth and achieve the well-being of Jordanian citizens, in line with the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah.

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