Jordan contributes 13 novels to Katara Prize for Arabic Novel

Jordan contributes 13 novels to Katara Prize for Arabic Novel
Doha- The General Cultural Village Foundation – Katara, in Qatar has unveiled the list of top 18 entries for the tenth edition of the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel. The competition spans several categories including published novels, unpublished novels, youth novels, historical novels, and critical studies.اضافة اعلان

Jordan is making a significant contribution with 13 entries. This includes 8 novels and critical studies, 2 unpublished novels, and 3 youth novels.

The list, announced on Sunday by the Katara Cultural Village Foundation, features novelists from 16 other Arab countries. Egypt leads with 26 entries comprising novels and critical studies, followed by Morocco with 19 entries.

Syria submitted 9 novels, while Iraq and Algeria each presented 5 novels and critical studies. Saudi Arabia and Yemen each entered 3 novels, and Mauritania, Sudan, and Palestine each contributed 2 works. Additionally, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Lebanon, and Tunisia each submitted 1 work.

In the unpublished novels category, Morocco leads with 4 novels, followed by Egypt with 3 novels. Syria, Jordan, Mauritania, and Yemen each have 2 entries, while Palestine, Libya, and Algeria each have 1 entry.

The published novels category features 7 novelists, with Egypt leading with 7 novels, followed by Syria with 5 novels. Saudi Arabia submitted 2 novels, and Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine each have 1 novel.

For the youth novels category, entries came from 9 Arab countries. Egypt leads with 6 novels, followed by Jordan and Morocco with 3 novels each. UAE, Iraq, Algeria, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait each contributed 1 novel.

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