Jordan anticipates supermoon’s rare appearance

supermoon moon
Supermoon. (Photo: Unsplash)
AMMAN — On Tuesday, Jordan is set to witness a fascinating celestial event as the Supermoon graces the night sky. Astronomers are excited about the rare occurrence, expecting the moon to appear approximately 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter, captivating both citizens and astronomy enthusiasts.اضافة اعلان

Imad Mujahed, an astronomer from the Royal Astronomical Society of Britain, explained that the Supermoon phenomenon happens when a full moon coincides with its closest approach to Earth. This alignment creates an optical illusion, making the moon look larger and more radiant to observers, the Jordan News Agency, Petra reported

The Supermoon is expected to be in its full phase at around 9:31 PM local time. However, Mujahed reassured the public that this astronomical event poses no negative impacts on daily life or geological processes. It may lead to slightly higher tides in the world's oceans, but it won't cause any significant concerns.

Enthusiasts and photographers are encouraged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to witness and capture the remarkable event. He added that taking advantage of its sighting during the sunset could lead to more picturesque scenes.

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