JEA calls on investing Royal efforts to serve Jordan's economy

Jordan Exporters Association (JEA)
Omar Abu Wishah. (Photo: Jordan News Agency, Petra)
AMMAN — President of the Jordan Exporters Association (JEA), Omar Abu Wishah, called on investing in the "remarkable" political efforts which His Majesty King Abdullah II has put to serve the national economy and "enhance its Arab depth," according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

Abu Wishah called on the private sector, especially the industrial sector, to take the initiative and communicate with its counterparts in the Arab countries to build "complementary" partnerships for the common interest and economic integration.

Abu Wishah contended that the King's efforts constitute a "remarkable" opportunity to increase pan-Arab economic cooperation in various fields to achieve economic integration, stressing the importance of turning diplomacy with economic successes into "real" projects.

"Arab countries' potentials can be used to achieve economic integration and increase trade exchange." Abu Wishah added.

He also stressed the importance of Jordanian-Egyptian-Iraqi cooperation to look at interests based on an "integrative rather than competitive" basis, invest resources and provide all possible facilitation to increase the volume of trade exchange in various production fields.

The JEA welcomed the "positive" developments on the Syrian file and the reopening of Jaber border crossing due to the importance of promoting trade exchanges to achieve common interests and increase the transit trade through the two countries' territories, to reach the region's markets at a "lower cost and short duration," he pointed out.

Urging Jordan's private sector to build economic relations and alliances, he said the volume of Jordan's trade with the Arab countries constitutes 50% of its total trade exchanges with the world countries.

Iraq constitutes a "strategic" economic dimension to increase trade exchange and restore previous levels of exports volume in light of the financial agreements signed between the two countries, according to Abu Wishah.

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