JCI holds prices, urges domestic consumption

Jordan Chamber of Industry JCI Fathi Jaghbeer
(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN – On Monday, the President of the Jordan Chamber of Industry (JCI), Engineer Fathi Jaghbeer, affirmed that the industrial sector is committed to not raising prices despite the global increase in shipping costs. اضافة اعلان

Jashbeer highlighted that consumers’ interest in purchasing domestic products strengthens self-reliance and increases employment opportunities for those who are unemployed, Jo24 reported.

Furthermore, Jaghebeer underlined that demand for locally made commodities promotes development and increases production volume, hence boosting self-sufficiency. He said that citizens expressed a strong desire to purchase domestically created goods in recent months.

Regarding pricing, Jaghebeer explained that products with international brand names are often more expensive than other products, even if they do not necessarily outperform them in terms of quality. He emphasized that buyers pay for the brand name rather than the quality of the products. In many cases, local items are of the same quality as their international equivalents but at a lower price. Citizens' feedback indicates that their shopping bills have fallen as a result of reliance on local industries.

Jaghebeer further stated that local industries are now competing in terms of standards and quality as a result of ongoing industrial growth. There is also a plan to use alternate energy sources and national gas to cut operating costs.

He also advocated for the elimination of service fees, which ranged between 1-5 percent, in order to cut production costs. Jaghebeer asked the government to prioritize domestic industry while granting contracts, highlighting the importance of royal orders supporting the industry through the Industrial Support Fund. 

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