YTJ project digitizes 178 services, trains 2,800 Jordanians

YTJ project digitizes 178 services, trains 2,800 Jordanians
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AMMAN – On Sunday, the World Bank confirmed that the Youth, Technology, and Jobs (YTJ) project has played a significant role in digitizing 178 new government services and enhancing 20 existing e-government services. Through these improved digital services, the project facilitated over 3.5 million transactions, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.

The project, funded and implemented by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE), aims to create a dynamic and competitive sector with high skills in information technology and communications in Jordan. It has successfully trained more than 2,816 individuals in employable digital skills, enabling them to participate in the future workforce. Notably, this includes 1,493 women, or 53 percent of the trained individuals, and 107 Syrians.

Additionally, approximately 1,579 beneficiaries have benefited from employment support incentives, including 794 women, making up 50 percent of total beneficiaries. The project also supported 28 digital companies by expanding their business plans, contributing to the growth of the digital sector.

In terms of independent business ventures, 1,459 individuals received support, including 1,009 women, or 69 percent of the total individuals, and 252 Syrians. Furthermore, as of the end of December 2023, the project offered 36 startup companies business matchmaking opportunities, including five Jordanian companies run by women.

Regarding government services, the YTJ project enabled digital payments for 803 government services, marking a significant step toward a more efficient and digitized government payment system.

The World Bank has played a crucial role in supporting digitization efforts in Jordan, including the establishment of the first government services center in the country, located in Al-Muqabalayn. Launched in 2022, this center revolutionized access to public services by offering more than 100 digital services from 20 ministries in one centralized location.

To date, three centers out of the planned 15 have been established through support from the YTJ project. Some of these centers operate 24/7, and investments in infrastructure, technology, and capacity building have facilitated digital solutions and improved service delivery across various sectors. These investments have led to significant enhancements in efficiency, transparency, and citizen satisfaction. 

Behind the YTJ project:
The YTJ project is a 5-year, World Bank Group-funded initiative with a budget of $200 million. Its primary goal is to enhance digitally-enabled income opportunities in Jordan.

Here are the key objectives of the project:

  1. Training: The project aims to train 15,000 young men and women in the latest digital technologies.
  2. Digital Skills Curriculum: It will introduce a new digital skills curriculum for approximately 300,000 students in government schools.
  3. Technology Centers: The project will establish 3–5 technology centers in underserved local communities.
  4. Support for Digital Companies: By providing incentive packages and grants, the project aims to create 10,000 new job opportunities through digital firms.
  5. Empowerment: The YTJ project focuses on empowering individuals, especially youth, women, and refugees. It supports employment, expands markets, and provides economic incentives through temporary online services.
  6. Digitization of Services: The project contributes to digitizing new services and achieving 80 percent digitization of government payments.
  7. Jordan as an IT/BPO Destination: It aims to position Jordan as an international hub for information technology and business process outsourcing (IT/BPO).

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