Israel to provide Jordan with desalinated water — Israeli media

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AMMAN — Israel will start supplying desalinated water to the West Bank, Gaza, and Jordan, according to an Israeli Radio report on Wednesday, Amman Net reported. اضافة اعلان


The Israeli report said that Israel's Water Authority and Mekorot company would begin pumping desalinated water from the Mediterranean Sea, alongside groundwater, to Lake Tiberias through a Qatari pipeline, describing the operation as "an ambitious step".


It added that the project cost is estimated at seven hundred million Israeli shekels, about $200 million.


The report also quoted the former head of the Israeli Water Authority, Giora Shaham, saying that "Israel was able to solve its water issues for the next 30 years, including providing Jordan, the West Bank, and Gaza with this resource".


Last June, The Times of Israel reported that Israel is set to become the first country in the world to channel desalinated water into a natural lake — Lake Tiberias.


It also added that Mekorot plans to complete the construction of a 13km underground pipe by the end of 2022, followed by weeks of tests before it goes into operation around the end of the first quarter of 2023. 


The pipeline will connect the lake to a network, which in turn is connected to five desalination plants on the Mediterranean coast, the paper said.


It added that tests indicate that the project will not have any significant impact on the ecosystems, and will keep water levels stable.


The idea the pipeline came about following several disastrous drought years, from 2013-2018, when the lake’s level reached an all-time low.


As part of political agreements, Israel sells about 100 million cubic meters annually to the Palestinians, who are pumping out an additional 160 million cubic meters in the West Bank and 200 million cubic meters in Gaza.


In October last year, Israel agreed to double the quantity of water it supplies Jordan to 50 million cubic meters annually, according to the newspaper.

A month later, Israel and Jordan signed an Emirati-brokered deal in which Israel would supply the Kingdom with up to 200 million cubic meters of additional water, in exchange for Jordanian solar energy.



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