Israel deletes statements about exiting water agreement with Jordan

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TEL AVIV —  After having reported that the Israeli government is considering not extending the water agreement with Jordan on Thursday, the Israeli Broadcasting Authority (IBA) deleted its news item in an attempt to retract its statement.اضافة اعلان

The IBA said in its deleted news, "The Ministry of Energy is studying not renewing the water agreement with Jordan after the criticism of Minister Ayman Al-Safadi of Israel.”

Safadi participated in a meeting of the UN Security Council on the Middle East and the Palestinian issue in New York on Wednesday.

“Israel mocks international law,” Safadi stated. “And the Security Council has not yet requested a ceasefire, and does not impose the implementation of its resolutions that demand the delivery of food to the hungry, medicine to the sick and injured, and anesthesia to the children undergoing surgery as a result of their injuries from the Israeli random bombing of homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, churches, and shelters.”

Safadi addressed the Security Council, saying, “Stop the massacres, every day that passes without ending the aggression means more innocent lives being lost as a result of the Israeli aggression, hunger, and disease, and Israel is working to undermine the two-state solution and challenge you all openly.”

Safadi said in his speech that the Israeli aggression on Gaza has been going on for too long, and the massacres have claimed many, many lives, pointing to 109 days of atrocities, more than 25,000 innocent people have lost their lives, and thousands of children are still under the rubble.

He added that “mothers and fathers have no power and they watch their sons and daughters die of pain and hunger, and the people carry the remains of their families in plastic bags.”

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