Islamist MP calls on gov’t to reconcile with Hamas

Khaled Mashal
Khaled Mashal. (Photo: Twitter)
AMMAN — A prominent Islamist lawmaker has said that rapprochement with Hamas and Palestinian resistance groups during the time of the late King Hussein had many benefits for Jordan, according to the London-based Raialyoum.اضافة اعلان

Deputy Saleh Al-Armouti, a member of the Islamic Action Front and head of Al-Islah bloc, was critical of the government’s insistence on dealing with the Hamas movement based solely on security and not political considerations.

Armouti said that Jordan had an influential role in the internal and external arenas during the reign of King Hussein due to his contacts with Hamas leadership, noting that not allowing Jordanian citizens who are leaders of Hamas to enter the Kingdom without permission is a violation of the Constitution.

Armouti and other members of Parliament had previously called on the government to hold official talks with Hamas leaders and to reopen the group’s office in Jordan. The government closed Hamas’ office in Amman in 1999 and deported its leaders to Qatar.

Meanwhile, Ammon News reported Tuesday that Khaled Mashal, leader of Hamas’ political bureau, is expected to visit Jordan soon. It will be a private visit, the second in one year, according to a Palestinian official who requested anonymity.

Mashal was in Jordan last August to attend the funeral of longtime Hamas leader Ibrahim Ghosheh.

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