Irish envoy urges investment in Jordan, direct flight to Dublin

Irish envoy urges investment in Jordan, direct flight to Dublin
(Photo: Irish Embassy)
AMMAN Irish Ambassador to Jordan Marianne Bolger called for greater investment in Jordan, citing the potential for growth in bilateral trade between the two countries. This came during an Amman International Rotary Club meeting Wednesday. اضافة اعلان

Bolger also highlighted the need for a direct air route between Amman and Dublin to improve tourism and facilitate the exchange of talents and goods, according to a press statement. ‘

Promising trade growth According to Bolger, the bilateral trade relationship between Jordan and Ireland has shown promising growth in recent years, with trade exports from Ireland to Jordan increasing from €160 million in 2017 to €330 million in 2021.

However, she emphasized that these numbers represent only a small fraction of the potential of the trade relationship between the two countries.

Ireland’s main exports to Jordan include pharmaceuticals, machinery, and organic chemicals. Jordan's exports to Ireland primarily consist of textiles and clothing, mineral fuels, and inorganic chemicals. Meanwhile, the sectors with the most significant potential for growth in bilateral trade between Jordan and Ireland are technology, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, and tourism.

The Embassy of Ireland in Amman, in collaboration with the Ministry of Investment, has recently launched a “Doing Business in Jordan” guide aimed at Irish companies looking to invest in Jordan.

Bolger also highlighted Ireland’s status as a hub for investment and international business. Ireland is home to 20 of the top 25 financial services companies, 17 of the top 20 global banks, 9 of the world’s top 10 global pharmaceutical firms, 9 of the top 10 US technology companies, and 14 of the top 15 Med Tech companies.

Humanitarian funding
Ireland’s humanitarian funding to Jordan has supported a range of UN and NGO partners to deliver life-saving assistance. The Irish economy is a highly developed and open-knowledge economy, focused on services in the high-tech, life sciences, finance, and agribusiness sectors.

The services sector is by far the largest sector for employment within Ireland, with over 75 percent of the workforce employed in this sector (this ranges from retail workers to software developers to fund managers). The industry employs approximately 19 percent of the labor force, while the share employed in Agriculture is below 5 percent.

Ireland’s aid program continues to assist the world’s poorest people and is regularly assessed by the OECD to be among the world’s most effective aid programs. Ireland’s Overseas Development Aid budget for 2023 has been set at over €1.23 billion. This represents an increase of 18 percent on the 2022 allocation, and the ninth consecutive year allocations to ODA have increased. Ireland has provided over €20 million in direct humanitarian assistance to Jordan since 2012.

Bolger highlighted the Global Ireland Initiative 2025, which aims to increase Ireland’s impact and influence in the world. The Embassy of Ireland to Jordan was opened in January 2019 as one of the first of 22 Missions announced to date under this initiative, reflecting the importance that Ireland attaches to its relationship with Jordan.

Bolger presented her credentials to His Majesty King Abdullah last September to become Ireland's 2nd resident Ambassador.

Women, peace, and security
She is a non-resident ambassador to Iraq as well. “My role cuts across political, business, cultural, humanitarian, and cultural issues to progress what is already a positive relationship between Jordan and Ireland. “Ireland completed its two-year term as a non-permanent elected member of the Council at the end of 2022.

Ireland co-chaired the Council’s informal expert group on Women, Peace, and Security, and the promotion of gender equality was a golden thread running through all of our work on the Council which during our tenure discussed the situation of women in the occupied Palestinian territory for the first time.

“When Palestinian Journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh was killed in the occupied Palestinian territory last May, we convened a meeting of Council members to address the issue of the protection of journalists. Our engagement at the council also focused on the illegal settlement expansion.

“Ireland also highlighted that 2022 was the deadliest year for Palestinians living in the West Bank since the UN began recording fatalities in 2015 and called for timely, transparent and independent investigations into all civilian casualties. 2022 was the deadliest on record in West Bank and call for an independent inquiry into civilian deaths,” she said.

Even though Ireland is not a NATO member and is not interested in joining, the Irish ambassador expressed strong support for the people of Ukraine in resisting the Russian war on them.

Ambassador Bolger answered the questions of the audience and was honored with the Rotary flag and a letter of appreciation.

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