Interactive session held on children’s rights draft

Cheerful Arab parents with their daughter lie on a carpet. (Photo: Envato Elements).
AMMAN — The National Democratic Forum (NDF) held an interactive session on a draft pertaining to children rights for the year 2022, Al-Ghad News reported.اضافة اعلان

The event saw a significant turnout from activists, individuals interested in national affairs, writers, senators, ex- and serving members of the Lower House, journalists, youth and members of civil society institutions.

Several documents which addressed the reasons and justification for the submission of the bill were presented to the session.

Additionally, there were documents that tackled the legal amendments required to adjust the articles contained in the bill and achieve its legislative purposes in accordance with the constitution and the legislation in force.

The documents also dismissed public concerns voiced through social media platforms that the amendment would divide families because it gives children sweeping freedoms, which would overwhelm the role of their parents.

Participants expressed similar concerns. They insisted on the bill primarily taking into account the interest of children, while maintaining a strong supervisory role for their parents, or legal custodians.

The draft on children’s rights refers to the observance of the relevant legislation more than 11 times. Thus, stating that the bill will lead to the disbanding of the family is unfounded by the constitution, according to NDF.

The legislator therefore, does not have the right to contravene the provisions of the constitution under this bill or any other law, it added.

But the forum noted that children’s rights deteriorated in many areas, including education, health and justice, the lack of safe spaces and transport, the spread of and the affliction of drugs, and the weakness of programs which are designed to reintegrate law-breaking children into society.

The participants agreed that the draft bill could not be read separately from the constitution and the relevant legislation. Therefore, its articles cannot be read separately from Jordan’s system of legislation, notably the Civil Status Act, which derived its provisions from Shariaa law and the Civil Status Act, which, in accordance with article 43, sets the age of maturity at 18 years.

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